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Full Moon Rendezvous - EP

by AstroVoyager



Full Moon Rendezvous - Premier extrait de Symphotornic Lunation - Vinyl collector avec remixes de Any Music, Marboss et Destillat,
Full Moon Rendezvous - Second extract of Symphotornic Lunation - Collector Vinyl with remixes from Any Music, Marboss and Destillat,


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


AstroVoyager Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France

AstroVoyager est architecte du son et de l'image. Il s''est nourri de l'explosion électro des 80’s pour concocter un univers singulier oscillant entre l'électro, les musiques de films, le progressif, la pop et le classique.
AstroVoyager is an architect of sound and vision. He fed on the electro explosion of the 1980s and built his own musical signature merging electronic and classic sounds.
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Track Name: Full Moon Rendezvous-Master Mix by AstroVoyager
Full Moon rendezvous, prepare your transition.
Night around you, playground for space exploration.

Full Moon hedonist, just feel love in action.
Don't try to resist, to lunar orbit attraction.

Full Moon vibration, enlarge your perspective.
Life celebration, as only human objective.

Lune Lointaine.
Lune Lointaine.
Lune Lointaine.
Lune Lointaine.
Un instant,
L’espace courbe le temps…
Au ciel lunaire.
Ressens !
En silence.

Full Moon point of view, prepare your admission.
Sky around you, playground for mystic transgression.

Full Moon pacifist, just live this lunation.
Don't try to persist, in keeping your earthly connections.

Full Moon temptation, enlarge your perspective
A soul celebration, as merely human directive.

Full Moon messenger, we are your receptors.
You take us much higher and we will be your visitors.